I grew up with 4 siblings in New Zealand in a family that produced a wonderful array of food  from our farm and my passion for fresh local produce has continued to this day.  Early memories include fishing from the local swing bridge across the River Urenui with its  huge mudflats, which at low tide exposed crabs for us to chase.   We also fished for flounders at high tide with a flash light providing fresh sweet fish to the  table; we collected pipis for bait and tuatua, periwinkles and muscles for eating. Ducks,  quails and rabbits were also a natural part of our diet.  Seasonally we picked wild blackberries, plums, crab apples, walnuts, tamarillos, gooseberries  and mushrooms, roaming over vast distances and proudly coming home with buckets full.  Feijoa was a particular favourite and will be part of our gourmet range shortly.  We pickled and bottled, made wine and other beverages, stored walnuts and caught  whitebait. Our orchard was a constant source of fruit, plums, nectarines, apricots and  peaches and artichokes grown in the chook run. Baking was common place with many tins filled with biscuits, slices and loaves.